She never feels like it: why?

Sexual relations are an integral part of the spice of a couple. If the woman feels an absence of desire, it is important to identify the source of the problem in order to find the best solutions. What is anaphrodisia? Why can some women not have sexual desires?

What is anaphrodisia?

Anaphrodisia or sexual anorexia is a disorder that results in the complete absence of sexual desire in all its forms. It should not be confused with the loss of pleasure. Only a minority of people are affected, but women are much more affected. In fact, between 1 and 3% of men under the age of 50 are affected compared to 2.5 to 15% of women. However, the risks of it occurring are higher as we age.

Anaphrodisia: the causes

The causes of anaphrodisia are closely related to the form of anaphrodisia. There are two types of anaphrodisia: primary anaphrodisia and secondary anaphrodisia. The causes of the lack of desire differ for each of the two forms of anaphrodisia.

Primary anaphrodisia

Physiologically, primary sexual anorexia has its origins in the time of puberty when the genitals are in full development. During this period, if a pathology or hormonal deficiency develops, the process can be disrupted and lead to a total absence of desire.

Physiologically, primary anaphrodisia can result from anxiety, major trauma or sexual abuse. Also, if sex is a taboo subject in the family, it could cause a total disgust of sexuality.

Secondary anaphrodisia

Secondary anaphrodisia is a sudden and lasting loss of sexual desire. Generally, it occurs after a medical, psychological or relational event. These situations cause a sudden and lasting disappearance of sexual desire. The main causes of secondary anaphrodisia are :

  • Endocrine diseases related to the pituitary gland and thyroid ;
  • Genital and urinary tract infections;
  • Drug, psychotropic, antidepressant or alcohol use;
  • Psychological causes: depression, job loss, anxiety or even bereavement.

There are many reasons why a woman may not have a sexual desire. To solve it, the ideal would be to better observe her partner and to listen to her or to consult a specialist.

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